Be Here Meow Creations

original hand-drawn artistry by kara lyn

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Venusian Revolution
Follow your Bliss
I of the Beholder
New Earthling
Passion Pinwheel
Trifecta of Joy
Love Rays
Time To Come Out Of Your Shell Human
Snail Wisdom
Just Trust
Awakening Tree

A bio bit-

Being a life-long lover of plants of all persuasions through gardening, journeying, and meditation work; I feel that they have so much wisdom to offer us at this critical stage in human development.

My intention is to inspire others through my artwork by bridging the healing wonder of the plant world to the spiritual wisdom of first cultivating peace within, to create peace in the world. I feel that by working through, then letting go of fear, doubt, and negativity, we can move into our true nature which is to be kind, compassionate, and to live joyfully within and with others.

With my love of working with pen and ink and bright bold colors with a few digital flourishing touches, I am able to regain a childlike glee that naturally yet mysteriously dispels gloominess and helps to restore calm in a beautiful yet mad, mad world. I dropped out of the mainstream to do what I love for a living so this isn’t ‘work’ for me but how I follow my bliss.

Personally, I am a quiet introverted Gonzo-like chick who passionately whittles away my days in Bellingham, WA where the beauty inspires me endlessly.

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