The Plant Pixie


The Plant Pixie

…Featured Plants…

Heart Leaf Philodendron in macrame hanger

Goldfish Plant in macrame hanger

Lace Aloe in teapot

Lace Aloe, Jade Plant and a Haworthia…together at last

Rubber Tree Plant

Peace Lily in clay pot

Peace Lily in clay pot

Kentia Palm

Corn Plant in clay pot

Chinese Evergreen

Cast Iron Plant

Chinese Money Plant in teapot

Chinese Evergreen


Peperomia in steel pot

Peace Lily

Rattlesnake Plant in antique coffee pot

Peace Lily

Earth Star in teapot with stand

White Claw, Hen and Chick, Gollum and Sedum in clay pot

Arrowhead Plant in antique pot

Succulent Dish Garden – Star Cactus, Lace Aloe, White Claw

Succulent dish garden in brass pot
(Frosted Claw, Lace Aloe, Jade)

Sweetheart Vine

Arrowhead Plant

Umbrella Tree

Jade Plant

Earth Star

Succulent dish garden

Haworthia, Frosted Claw, and Star Cactus

Haworthia Star Cactus, and Gollum

Haworthia, Lace Aloe, and Star Cactus

Lace Aloe

Gollum Tree

Two varied succulent dish gardens

San pedro cactus and African violet

Trio of Frosted Claws

Thanksgiving Cactus (Blooms hot pink flowers!)

Corn plant ‘Janet Craig’ in orange glazed pot

San pedro cactus

about the artist

Hello and welcome!

I’m Kara Lyn, your friendly neighborhood artist and plant stewardess and I’m here to share my planty creations with the community. I’ve been growing and working with these beautiful beings since I was a teen, as my mother filled our home with their calming and cleansing energies- and I was hooked!

With this deep draw of the natural world, I was moved to help others in their yards and gardens professionally by bike in Portland, OR for 17 years as The Garden Pixie. I added indoor plantscaping to my offerings in 2014 as the focus on designing, growing, and maintaining houseplants slowly took the stage. I’ve taken a series of horticulture classes and plant workshops over the years on how to care for and propagate plants, in addition to ‘just learning as I grow’ with my own collection.

Along with a love of plants I also draw, work with clay, paint, and weave macrame creations to hold plants. Now my passion for plants and art have merged into the creations you see on this page. Each plant is carefully chosen to reflect a certain vision I have, which the plant itself helps bring forward, and is paired with a vessel that supports the intended creation, while being decorated in various ways to round out the design. 

My love for plants and art equally inform my process which makes each piece unique and a fully vibrant expression of both nature and art. It is my great joy to share these green friends with the community and those who enjoy a nature-based artistic creation.

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